Everyone instinctively knows that there's no better place for a baby than a mother's arms.

However, mothers often times experience symptoms of fatigue in their arms from constant feedings. Although our concept began with physical comfort in mind, it became apparent that the Cuddle Sleeve® does so much more. Whether its Colic or "fussy time", calming a baby isn't always easy. The Cuddle Sleeve® has become a direct link to soothing, calming and transitioning baby towards restful sleep, crucial for development.

With a strong focus on preventing SIDS, babies are laying constantly on their back, both in the crib and in mom's arms. Their soft heads are susceptible to being molded into a flat shape. The Cuddle Sleeve® offers a soft cloud to cushion baby's head while supporting mom's arm.

From infant to toddler, home and away, the Cuddle Sleeve® will become your most treasured accessory. How will you know? Just look in your baby's eyes.

The Cuddle Sleeve® is the coziest place a baby could be.

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Cuddle Sleeve® has been receiving local and national press. The above videos were featured on Sonoran Living and the Go-To-Mom.tv.


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Cuddle Sleeve® has been extremely helpful for babies with Sensory challenges, Emotional instability, Feeding difficulties, Sleep problems, Colic; Special needs such as Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Positional Plagiocephaly.

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