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Your baby’s favorite place for cuddles, kisses, and comfort!

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Unique, memorable, beautiful, yet functional.  Packaged insanely cute so you don't have to think about it. Shipped with love to the lucky baby!


About Cuddle Sleeve

What is the Cuddle Sleeve?

The Cuddle Sleeve is worn on your arm to create a soft, cushioned surface for your baby to rest. With constant “back sleeping,” babies are prone to getting a flat spot on the back of their head. Mom enjoys the cushioned support for her arm, while baby rests comfortably on a cloud, away from irritating fabric, perspiration and germs. With a handy pocket and a loop to hold the matching burp cloth, essentials are always within arm’s reach. The Cuddle Sleeve makes it easy and comfortable for anyone handling an infant; folds easily into diaper bag for travel; and, the soft, luxurious fabric is machine washable. (Daddy’s love it too!)

How does this compare to a lap feeding pillow?

With a lap pillow, the baby lays on it, with a Cuddle Sleeve, the baby is held snug in your arms creating a close, tight connection and the feeling of security that creates the bond between you and your baby.

What about Skin to Skin contact ?

When breastfeeding, Baby-to-Breast is the ultimate in skin to skin contact. Experiencing that close connection, along with mother’s scent, is both soothing and calming for a newborn. Frequent feedings, however, can cause arm fatigue for mother, causing physical symptoms to sometimes result. Constant shifting of positions can cause baby to become restless and interrupts the feeding process. Mothers deserve to be comfortable too!

Is it just for breastfeeding?

There are many reasons when it may not be possible to breastfeed your baby. However, whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, or when baby is in the care of others, it is most important that feeding sessions are satisfying and successful. When babies feed longer, they sleep better. When babies are satisfied, they’re generally calmer and less agitated.
The Cuddle Sleeve provides cushioned comfort for the baby, as well as the caregiver. Sitting down at feeding time, becomes a comfortable, satisfying experience.

How does the Cuddle Sleeve help to calm a baby?

New parents need help learning what it takes to calm a crying infant. Sometimes all it takes is changing the baby to a new position. The padded surface enables the baby to lay on his side while still being held and rocked. Relieving frustration for the parent and baby is what results.
During crying spells, it is important for caregivers to remain confident and in control. Stress and tension can exacerbate the situation which make matters worse. Infants thrive on a feeling of security. Newborns that are swaddled and held close feel less agitated.
The Cuddle Sleeve is a wonderful tool that becomes a link to comfort and soothing. (Magic happens when the Cuddle Sleeve is warmed in the dryer during those “colicky” episodes.)

How long do you use it? Is it just for infants?

There are a multitude of uses which moms discover everyday… placing it behind the baby’s head in new “sit-up” bouncers and high chairs, car seats or anytime they need to prop the baby. The Cuddle Sleeve becomes a link to the baby for comfort and feeding. They recognize it and associate it with bonding, feeding and sleep time. For a calming bedtime routine, or whenever baby is in your lap, it becomes their comfy body pillow to hug and snuggle with even as they grow older.

How can it help babies with special needs?

The Cuddle Sleeve has been extremely helpful for babies with special needs. Some babies need to be held often and have tactile sensitivities. No matter what the challenges, the Cuddle Sleeve provides the softest, coziest place for “cuddles, kisses and comfort.”

Away from home?

Traveling with an infant can be very stressful. So much to bring, so much to think about. Air travel, or confined spaces, are especially difficult. That’s when your arms become the only source of comfort for your baby. With the Cuddle Sleeve tucked neatly in the diaper bag, your arms are once again the most comfortable place for your baby to be. It’s easy to take everywhere!

Separation Anxiety.

Transitioning to daycare or babysitters can be traumatic for both mother and baby. The Cuddle Sleeve will always keep baby in his own clean, familiar place, with mother’s scent, to help provide the feeling of security and contentment. Knowing the caregiver is using your personal Cuddle Sleeve, will give mother peace of mind.

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