See what some of our Happy Cuddlers have to say about The Cuddle Sleeve!


I would personally like to thank the Cuddle Sleeve company, this is the best thing I’ve gotten since my son was born. When he was born I was a first time mom so I was very paranoid with anyone holding him, or their clothes touching him. With the cuddle sleeve I felt comfortable with others holding him because his head and face was protected with his head on the cuddle sleeve. He sleeps with it as a pillow now and he is 19 months. I’ve bought 6 cuddle sleeves for other friends/family of mine and they love it! I will continue to use this ! Ships fast and the box is so cute! Anytime I drop my son off at daycare I get so many compliments on how cool the cuddle sleeve is and that he is such a great napper with it! Again, Thank you cuddle sleeve ! 





 I received a cuddle sleeve when my first grandbaby was born. Landon just turned 4 and he is still loving it. He sleeps with it every night and takes it on trips with him! So I bought a pink one when my granddaughter was born. She loves it just as much. It makes me happy to see them enjoy them so much. I am a true believer in your product! Hope things are going great!

Ruth Ann,



Cuddle Sleeves need a GPS Tracking Device!

I have an idea for you Cuddle Sleeve..

My 3 year old daughter never leaves home without her Cuddle Sleeve. She’s had the same one since birth. That being said, we were shopping in IKEA and after an hour or so, she realized she lost her Cuddle Sleeve. Total hysteria broke out….not only for her, but for my wife and me. Her “lost or misplaced” cuddle sleeve has taken extraordinary efforts in the past to find and bring back safely to her. I remember driving all the way back through a rainstorm one night when she left it at Aunt Carol’s house, so she could go to sleep that night. After back tracking our steps and searching the entire IKEA store, there laid her pink cuddle sleeve.

One happy little girl jumped out of her stroller to get it.   Cuddle Sleeve needs a GPS!

Costa Mesa, CA


I was interested in ordering a cuddle sleeve. I am wanting a pink one. I have a 4 year old son and received one from a friend as a baby gift. And he is still using it to this day as his pillow. He takes it with him to preschool for nap time and all!!

We just found out we are having a girl and knew this was the first thing I wanted to get. It was such a life saver with him so it is a must for this baby too.



I came across the coolest thing, the Cuddle Sleeve! It slips on like a sleeve and is made in the softest material. It forms a soft pillow on your arm. Feeding baby Kate is such a dream. The other feeding pillows just weren’t working for me, too cumbersome and not portable. This is so comfortable for both of us. I love the way it was packaged in a beautiful gift box. It’s a Hit at every Baby Shower!

Thank You! 


We use your product more than anything else, except diapers. We can’t function without the sleeve anymore. When we have to hold her without it, it puts a strain on my neck and back, and she seems fussier, like she can’t get comfortable.

I am purchasing this one as a gift. I am so proud to be able to share this item so they can feel the ergonomic benefits we have holding our baby for hours with no neck or back pain! Not to mention the benefits of encouraging intimacy with constant cuddling. I felt so smug for having discovered the Cuddle Sleeve, but you are the one who should feel smug, knowing that so many people love your product!

Thank you so much for this amazing Cuddle Sleeve. This time around, my experience with holding an infant all the time is exponentially more comfortable both for me and the baby, and I feel sorry for my older daughter that we didn’t have it for her!! If you sold a blanket, I would buy it for her!


I just have to tell you that we have been using our Cuddle Sleeve ever since Emmy was born , December 4, and we LOVE IT!!! My husband was hesitant to try it (possibly because it is pink???) and he is now using it every day too! I just had to tell you!

Arianne McHugh

I just placed an order for two Cuddle Sleeves. I bought one of these for a friend. She said, “hands down, the best baby gift received on record!!” This is now my signature gift for all pregnant friends and family members. New moms LOVE this!!!!

Phoenix, AZ

The Cuddle Sleeve is one of the best gifts given to us when our son was born. Colicky at first, the Cuddle Sleeve helped calm him down during feeding and at nap time. As he sleeps, he loves to nuzzle into the sleeve with a smile on his face. We’re so glad to have one.

Coral Springs, FL

I wanted to tell you what a hit the Cuddle Sleeve is here in Tampa. This is our story:

My daughter was pregnant with her second child, which is a girl, and being in that prior nesting mood, she was scanning the Internet for all things baby. She doesn’t remember exactly how she came upon the the Cuddle Sleeve, just that she read the site and insisted on me purchasing her the Cuddle Sleeve for her newborn.

As part of her shower gift, I ordered the sleeve, and when it arrived at my house, I thought to myself, what a great product, I even liked the box it comes, very clever…
The proof of the puddin’ is it’s use…my daughter packed it as part of her hospital bag, and has been using it ever since.
What a difference using the sleeve on the arm when you’re nursing or just holding the baby. It is so comfortable, and even the baby seems to be more comfortable tucked in it. The arm seems to become less numb…and somehow not as tiring …maybe that is why along with her pillow, she is having more success with the breastfeeding …I had to order my daughter the darker pink so she could wash one and use the other.

Another story:

There are two other girls who are having their babies very soon. This past Sunday was one of the girls baby shower and my daughter wanted to attend. Of course she is nursing, as she says, “the baby and I are attached at the hip.” The Cuddle Sleeve was a big hit there. One of the mothers slipped on the sleeve and couldn’t believe how comfortable it was, and when she held the baby she remarked, “there are so many products out there, where was this when my son was born.”
Even my mother who is 82 years old and is very thin wears the sleeve while holding the baby. She can hold the baby for a longer period of time… It washes really well and my daughter loves the binky pocket and burp cloth.

So don’t be surprised if I come back for another sleeve in blue… The Cuddle Sleeve is a big hit in Tampa!!

Tampa, Florida

Cuddle Sleeve is an amazing product! There is no question that feeding and holding a baby strengthens the special bond between mother (or father) and baby. The Cuddle Sleeve lets the parent hold their baby for extended periods of time without discomfort or fatigue. The babies are so comfortable that they feed better and sleep better with the cozy Cuddle Sleeve. Fathers are amazed at how easy it is to feed and bond with their baby. It has a calming affect and helps soothe the baby to relieve stress. You really have to try it to believe it. It just feels so natural and comfortable. Every pediatrician, nurse and mother who has tried the product has been pleased. I will continue to recommend the Cuddle Sleeve to all my colleagues and new parents.

Andrew P. Ko, M.D., F.A.A.P.
Pediatrician, Orange County, CA

I would like to order a Cuddle Sleeve for a twin girls baby shower. I ordered one from you last year for a friend in Louisiana and she says she still gets asked every day where she got it. She said it was the nicest baby present that she received.

Mesa, AZ

I have been searching for a unique baby gift idea and after several hours online …I have found it!!! I work for a large corporation and have been searching for something that I could give as the “standard gift” for a new baby. I was thrilled when I saw your product and also your appearance on Sonoran Living here in the Valley of the Sun …I would like to purchase one for a baby born last week and would like to order for all baby births going forward.


I bought a Cuddle Sleeve for my daughter when she was about 8 weeks old. Her daycare had received them as a gift in her infant room. Now she can’t sleep without it!! She “snuggles” into it and just loves it. Several times her day care teachers and I have commented that we’ve never seen anything like it. For day care, I procured a note from her pediatrician directing that she HAS to have it in her crib! Day care has tried it without it and it just doesn’t work. She won’t sleep!

I wish I had one when my son was born 3 years ago (he has Down Syndrome.) He spent the first month in the hospital. We used a pillow to support him and that was very cumbersome and quite awkward. Had this been available, I believe it would have worked wonders. I like that it takes the stress off my shoulder and arm, yet provides a safe place to hold/support the baby while nursing, cuddling, etc. I think he would have liked the softness of it, just like his sister does.

Thank you for such a wonderful product. I recommend it to everyone! I also love that it’s machine washable as my baby girl spits up quite a bit. Into the washer, into the dryer and it’s ready for another use!! Very simple.

Phoenix, AZ

I absolutely love the Cuddle Sleeve!!  I’m so excited about it! For (like many moms) one of the most important things is making sure that my newborn feels secure. The Cuddle Sleeve helps make this happen. Not only that, but it helps nurture me as well. With my first baby, my arm would go numb holding him for hours. Now with my second baby, this product helps me create a cozy little nest for his comfort and for mine. Thank you for your great idea!!

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The Cuddle Sleeve has been helpful in reducing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms and other musculoskeletal problems that do occur as a result of fatigue and pressure on a mother’s arm.

Dr. Rob
Phoenix, AZ

I have a very bad back, to the point of permanent disability. We received your product yesterday, and I already can’t live without it. My husband loves it as well, and from now on we won’t go anywhere without the Cuddle Sleeve!

Thank you for making such a great product.

Lake Oswego, OR

I recently ordered a Cuddle Sleeve for my new granddaughter and she LOVES IT! I am going to be ordering more for other babies on my list that have either already arrived or are “pending”. I really believe that you’ve got a great idea and product and I’m happily doing my part to get the word out. The packaging is simply divine as well. Thank you for getting the order out so quickly.

Scottsdale, AZ

I just placed an order for 2 Cuddle Sleeves.  I bought one of these before for a friend. She said, “hands down the best baby gift received on record”. This is now my signature gift for all pregnant friends and family members. New moms LOVE this!!!

Phoenix, AZ

I wanted to thank you for the Cuddle Sleeve you gave my husband as a gift. It was about 5 or 6 weeks ago. You were on a plane to Phoenix, sitting next to my husband, the rabbi from Memphis. He told you about our then 9 month old son, and you gave him a sage Cuddle Sleeve as a gift. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but now I’m convinced that the Cuddle Sleeve is a really great invention. It helps us settle our son down to sleep, (especially my husband) and it also makes it so easy for both of us, once the baby is sleeping to transfer him to the crib without waking him up. I’m telling all my friends how great it is.!

Memphis, TN

What a wonderful product. I am giving it to my niece who has a “special needs” child and I think it will be AWESOME for them as they have to hold their baby so much of the time. I’m sure my niece will have a number of friends that will “have to have one” as well.

Glendale, AZ

I need to order a Cuddle Sleeve as a gift for my sister. I received one as a gift when I had my daughter and a day does not go by when I don’t use it. How quickly can I get it?

St. Louis, MO

I received a Cuddle Sleeve as a gift from a friend in Arizona for my new baby. It is one of my favorite things so I’m sharing it with other expectant mothers I know. Please let me know if you come up with any new items of this quality in the future. Thanks for a great product!


I saw you showing the Cuddle Sleeve. on *Sonoran Living Live* and had a friend that was expecting this month. I was so impressed with the Cuddle Sleeve that I couldn’t wait until she had the baby. One hour after receiving the call of the baby’s birth, I went online to order the Cuddle Sleeve.. I think your product is awesome!

Phoenix, AZ

I’d feel guilty feeding my baby without it!  I live in a two story house so I keep one in the nursery and one downstairs.  It’s feels so good when it’s on.  I immediately began reaching for it at every feeding.  My mother bought one to keep at her house and insists that anyone who feeds or holds the baby must wear it.  (less germs!)

Egg Harbor , New Jersey

I received my Cuddle Sleeve today, and wanted to say “thank you” for such a great shopping experience. The packaging is just beautiful, and I had a quick peek at the Cuddle Sleeve….it’s just perfect!…I know my daughter is going to be thrilled. Thanks once again!


Hello! My daughter has one of the Cuddle Sleeves – she absolutely adores it. We’ve talked before about it (I also have a son with Down Syndrome). I need another one. We’ve had two near lost incidents and I’m not going to go through that with her! I think we better get a spare.

Phoenix, AZ

When I brought my baby to day care, I brought her Cuddle Sleeve as well.  We bought an extra one to keep at day care.  With all the germs floating around, I feel good knowing the caregiver uses my baby’s very own Cuddle Sleeve when feeding her.  Now the administrator sees its value and suggests it to every parent of an infant.

Rochester , NY

Unless you’ve ever had a ‘colicky’ baby could you understand the frustration of trying to comfort a baby in constant distress. The Cuddle Sleeve has become my most dependable ‘friend’ to provide comfort from painful gas bubbles. I lay my baby on his tummy with my arm under his belly. It seems to soothe and comfort him while I sway him from side to side.  I’m a work from home Dad, and use the Cuddle Sleeve constantly. When I leave the house, I double check to make sure it’s in the diaper bag!

Salt Lake City , UT

I wanted to let you know how much our family loves the Cuddle Sleeve. We purchased one last spring at the L. A. Baby Convention for our upcoming arrival who was born in October. The Cuddle Sleeve transformed the baby holding experience for myself and our entire family. It is great for children when they hold babies, as well as it is for Grandma and Grandpa. We will definitely be purchasing more of these for our friends when they are due.

Gary and Stacey
Pittsburgh, PA